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I haven't updated since October! Yikes! Well, no website review today. For a while I'll be helping my Mom out. You see, she's depressed again about her weight. But everytime she tries to talk about it (which is a lot *sigh*) people tell her she doesn't need to loose weight, that she looks fine. Well, she doesn't want to hear this in a lot of ways. It makes her feel like they think she doesn't know what she's talking about. She just wants a friend to help diet with her. So I said I would. I don't think I'm too bad, but I agreed for support reasons. So we started tonight. I'm supposed to have an eye on her and keep her on her diet. So we started tonight. She said none of this "we'll start in the morning."

Here's our stats-
Mom: 144 lbs.
Me: 12 lbs.
Mom's Goal: 127 lbs.
Mine: 11 1/2 lbs.
Mom's Methods Tonight: Kung- fu practice, dinner (tea, ice water, half a turley sandwhich, cup of veggie soup, salad), run, "diet vitamins".
My Methods: dinner, lying on the table, lying by the fireplace, lying on the bed, played with my toy mouse for about 5 minutes, chewed on my baby brother a little.

Hopefully daddy will save me if things get too out of hand! For fun she's saying she can get lipo for 2k or injest a parasite or become anorexic (she's just joking). More than likely she will just annoy me and constantly bekon me to join in on her "scale rituals".
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