Kurosawa (kuropuff) wrote,

My "Brother" is Sick

My adopted kitty brother, Sebastian, is having problems. He started peeing on things "other than the litter pan". I asked him why he wasn't using the litter pan and he told me he was trying to tell mom and dad that he wasn't feeling well. So he went to the vet today. He said it was awful! He said the vet stuck him and ran tests on him and now he has to take pills for a while because he has crystals in his urine. He told me the pills taste really bitter and he hates to have to take them. But at least he gets a treat afterwards. I told him maybe he had better try to just take them. He told me maybe I better stop eating his special food. I'm going to assume that's the "not feeling well" talking.

Mom and Dad were gone for five days for the holidays. I missed them a lot. The power went out and it was 50 degrees out so it got a bit chilly. I wanted them home so I could curl up on the bed with them and stay warm. But now they are back and the bed is once again occupied.

Mom was telling me about a new enzyme supplement we're going to start getting. Apparently my uncle (who's a German Shepherd) gets them regularly. I hope it doesn't taste icky! Anyway, it's called Prozyme. Mom says the link is to the chepeast place she's been able to find it online so far.

Anyway, I just talked to Sebastian. He says his stress pill is making him sleepy so he's off to nap but he doesn't feel quiet so bloated. Ah nap. That sounds like a good idea. I think I'll borrow that idea. Oh, and this is us:

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