Kurosawa (kuropuff) wrote,

Vet :(

Man oh man! I just got back from THE VET! Blah! I got two shots. It sucked! I was begging mom not to let anything bad happen to me. I know she wouldn't but when I was in the carrier, my brother, Sebastian, was sure whailing! He's still sick, he has crystals in his bladder. He went in today because he was feeling really bad today. He told me he was following daddy around the house telling him he didn't feel well. I went for "emotional support" but since I was due for my annual shots, they got that done. I weighed in a little over 10 pounds. So I guess I'm off the hook from that diet heh heh. Well, I can't stay mad at mom long. Well, gotta run, must play and pounce!
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