Kurosawa (kuropuff) wrote,

Cat Life

I just read on this website that "The average life expectancy of an indoor cat is between 9 to 15 years."

What? That seems so short! Grandma has two cats, one is 16 the other is going to be 19 in February. Both are doing great. I have a heart mur mur and will probbaly be on medication when I get older, but I was expecting to see at least 16. Well, mom and dad take great care of me: make sure I go to the vet to get my shots *mummble mummble*, play with me, make me feel loved, watch my diet... I'm gonna live FOREVER! (heh heh).

Anyway, check the website out, it's got all kinds of cat records. It has the oldest living cat at 36! That's older than mommy!
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